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01 02 03 04

Anonymous SENT: Please don't kill yourself <3 Listen to music or draw or something instead

if i were to kill myself it would be super planned out and i would die in a fun way with my friends and thats not going to be anytime soon. i just like to think about it a lot because why not its something fun to think about :-)

Anonymous SENT: I think you're lovely and hate that you're hurting yourself. Just don't kill yourself.

hopefully i don’t die then i can’t get high when im dead lol

i dont even feel bad rn but i want to cut the fuck out of my arms :( 

i want to kill myself but i want to plan it lol

why am i not dead yet lol 

Anonymous SENT: would you mind me asking you to tag something?

sorry i don’t tag anything im too lazy to :(

just unfollow me i don’t post anything important anyways 

i think im pretty in the ugliest way 

Anonymous SENT: i love you

good :)

when i like a guy, and then he likes me back. i don’t like him anymore. 

tell me that you love me

Anonymous SENT: I can relate to how youre feeling, youre not the only one <3 I hope you feel better soon, maybe listen to some music to take your mind off things ?

i haven’t listen to music in like 2 weeks because everything makes me sad